Alumni Association

Melnyk Petro Petrovych

Head of the University Alumni Association:

date of birth July 30, 1978

Born in Rivne.

In 2000 he graduated from the Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities with a degree in Economics.

Graduated from Charter Management Institute (CMI) in 2013 - Europe's largest professional management institute

He graduated from the University of Sheffield in 2014 with a speciality in MBA

Professional experience:

2002-2005 - Vtorma, Chief Financial Officer of the Department of Ecology and Resource, specialising in the procurement of recyclables.

2005 - 2007 - Strategic Partner in a Consulting Company (School Budgeting Director, Project Manager)

2007 - 2009 - Swan Agro, CFO

2009 - 2011 - UkrGas Project, Chief Financial Officer

2011 - 2015 - COMO (Dubno-Milk), Chief Financial Officer

2015 - present - AGRICOM GROUP Agribusiness Holding, CEO of Dobrody Trade

The history of Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities is the pride of Rivne region, a true treasure of wisdom and education of tens of thousands of specialists from various fields of education. For decades, the faculty has maintained a unique scientific potential and long-standing traditions, and continues to give higher education to young people. That is why graduates, including statesmen, representatives of authorities of all levels, eminent scholars, heads of departments and enterprises, organisations and institutions, champions and prise-winners of world and European championships - are a well-deserved glory of the University that reaches far beyond Ukraine.
The "Alumni Association at the Academician Stepan Demianchuk International University of Economics and Humanities" was created to strengthen the relations between graduates, students and scientific-pedagogical staff, to promote the development of science and education, the implementation of scientific and educational programs, the development of culture, health care, providing assistance to scientists, lecturers, talented creative youth, graduates, pleasure and to protect the social, economic, creative and other interests of its graduates.
In pursuit of this goal, the Association has the following tasks:

  • organising and conducting meetings of University graduates;
  • promote friendly, professional and cultural relationships between alumni;
  • involvement of graduates in the public life of the University;
  • organising and conducting lectures, seminars, trainings, conferences, exhibitions, competitions, meetings and other information and educational events;
  • dissemination of healthy lifestyle ideas among students, graduates and lecturers;
  • promotion of employment and professional development of University graduates;
  • support for the image and presentation of the activities of the University, using the achievements of graduates to develop the educational process and material and technical base of the University;
  • strengthening of partnership relations between the members of the Association, both within Ukraine and abroad;
  • promotion of career guidance and selection of talented, creative youth for entering the University;
  • assistance in creating conditions for harmonious development of students' personality and student self-government;
  • expanding the Association's relations with other educational institutions;
  • promoting the participation of members of the Association in international training programs;
  • promoting the content of education, quality and effectiveness of training;
  • promoting sustained feedback between alumni and the University in order to respond promptly to changes in the requirements for the training of specialists;
  • creation of a database of graduates and monitoring of professional achievements of graduates of the University;
  • cooperation with representatives of other non-governmental organisations, state authorities and local self-government.

Dear graduates, you can always count on the support and wise counsel of your instructors. We are sure that the time spent in your native Alma mater will warm your hearts with warm memories for more than a year. We will be glad to see you and your classmates among the members of the Association and we invite you to fruitful cooperation!

Charter of the Alumni Association