Postgraduate Study



prepares the higher education applicants at the third (educational-scientific) level of higher education in order to obtain the Doctor of Sciences degree in the speciality:

1) 011 Education sciences (field of knowledge - 01 Education, specialisation - Theory And Methodology Of Professional Education);

2) 061 Journalism (field of knowledge - 06 Journalism, specialisation - Theory And History Of Social Communications);

3) 081 Law (field of knowledge - 08 Law, specialisations: 1) Administrative Law And Process, Financial Law, Information Law; 2) Criminal Process And Criminalistics; Forensic Examination; Operative-Search Activity);

4) 122 Computer Science (field of knowledge - 12 Information Technology, specialisation - Mathematical Modelling and Computational Methods).

5) 051 Economics (field of knowledge - 05 Social and Behavioural Sciences).

Postgraduate studies with and without break from production at the competition are admitted to persons who have completed master or specialist educational levels.

The preparation for postgraduate studies at the University is carried out at the expense of legal entities and individuals - on the terms of the contract.

The term of postgraduate study is 4 years.

Payment for full-time and part-time postgraduate studies is 8 000 UAH, for specialty 081 "Law" - 10 000 UAH. (full-time form), 8000 UAH. (part-time form).

Applicants for postgraduate studies submit the following documents to the rector's name before October 1, 2020:

1) a copy of the document about the previously obtained master degree or educational-qualification level specialist, on the basis of which the admission to postgraduate studies is carried out, and the annex thereto which are certified in accordance with the procedure established by law;

2) a personal record of personnel accounting, certified by the seal of the institution where the graduate student studied or worked;

3) four 3×4 colour photos;

4) a list of published scientific works and their copies (if available);

5) a copy of the document certifying the identity and citizenship (passport);

6) a copy of the card of the individual - the taxpayer;

7) a copy of the military ticket or certificate of registration (for the bounded to the military service);

8) a copy of the employment record book approved by a notary or HR department at the place of main work;

9) a copy of the certificate of the international sample in a foreign language (if available);

10) a list of published works and inventions. Applicants who have not published scientific papers and inventions submit scientific reports (abstracts) on their chosen scientific speciality;

11) 5 envelopes with return address;

12) the folder on strings.

Documents for admission to postgraduate study are submitted to the Department of Scientific Activity and Postgraduate Studies from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00.

Address: Academician Stepan Demianchuk Street, 4, Rivne, Ukraine. Office 1606 or 1614.

Tel: (067) 25 000 12; (067) 87 37 203



Beginning of entrance tests - from October 1, 2020 (philosophy, foreign language, specialty).

We will be glad to see you among the students of the postgraduate studies at our University!

At the University you can take the PhD exams.

PhD Exams


(2 semester)

1 Philosophy May 13, 2020
2 Foreign Language May 18, 2020
3 Specialities: General Pedagogy and History of Pedagogy, Theory and Methods of Professional Education May 21, 2020
4 Speciality "Theory and History of Social Communications" May 28, 2020

The list of documents required

for passing the PhD exams at Academician Stepan Demianchuk

International University of Economics and Humanities

  • A statement addressed to the head of the University.
  • Excerpt from the decision of the Academic Council on approval of the topic of the thesis.
  • Request from the management of educational establishments for admission to the PhD examination (for applicants of other universities) (Article 53 of the Ministerial Regulation on the Training of Scientific and Pedagogical Personnel dated March 1, 1999, No. 309).
  • A copy of the employment record book, certified by the HR department (for employees of other universities).
  • A copy of the diploma with the application, certified by a notary or in the HR department where the applicant works.
  • Copy of passport.
  • Personal sheet.
  • Essay.
  • Payment receipt.
  • Folder.
Розклад вступних іспитів до аспірантури
Вступний іспит Дата проведення
1 Іноземна мова 12 жовтня 2021 року
2 Спеціальність 011 «Освітні, педагогічні науки» 19 жовтня 2021 року
3 Спеціальність 061 «Журналістика» 20 жовтня 2021 року
4 Спеціальність 081 «Право» 21 жовтня 2021 року
5 Спеціальність 122 «Комп’ютерні науки» 22 жовтня 2021 року
6 Спеціальність 051 «Економіка» 22 жовтня 2021 року